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Mothership Mini (Glass Review)


Huge thanks to Jeff (IG: @maryjanesgirraffee) for letting me come do a review on his glass! This piece was extremely functional and really clean looking!! Always love the stuff that comes from Mothership Glass. I decided to change my rating a bit – Overall I gave this piece a [6.6/7]. Would love to get a piece from them to add to my collection one day!


  • wtf you know ibra? daaaamn

  • It looks like josh wanted to buy it but the guy decided "naw, I'm gunna keep it"

  • WHAAAAAAT!!!!! dude i freaking want this piece…. the bubble that forms and splits apart when you first draw air looks so amazing

  • will it fit in a cupholder?

  • Josh what would you rate this piece if you were to go back and use your 7 point system

  • 1.5 actually higher society just got a drop and they got em at 1.6

    You're such a cutie ^_^

  • function video with no background music

  • hit me nail on the head when he commented about the audible experience when taking a rip out of that. piece looks so prime

  • Seems awesome!

  • Yo man do more reviews with this ugly mofo !!!!!!

  • Nice

  • That rig retails for 700-800$. 

  • Nut sak

  • I wouldn't even pay 2oo for that

  • how much this piece worth?? 1k??

  • Nice I have an egg want to hit this tho

  • that thing rips like crazy…wow,and the bubbles are coming out of the word"mothership"

  • Dope Ship
    Careful with OFZ, I broke mine first week. 

  • Really need a new vid!, got nothing to watch medicated. Love your channel tho