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Mother Mary’s Farmacy – Medical Marijuana Chronic Close up – Sit back and check out 10 strains from Mother Mary’s Farmacy, a North San Diego County medical marijuana delivery service. Each of these strains has been tested by SC Labs.

Mother Mary’s Farmacy WeedMaps Listing Page:


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  • We supply within the USA ,Europe and Canada only.Overnight shipping and very discrete. All Contact should come via >> We have high quality medicinal marijuana and other best strains of kush for sale at moderate prices. Master Kush Master Kush X Northern Light OG Kush Purple Kush Big King Bud AK 47 Blueberry AK-48 White Widow White Widow Feminized You can always contact us for more details.. Email address : ( Text me:(339) 545-2605

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  • Anyone who wants their strains showcased , Contact me at , We have what you might say some celebrity connections such as snoop lion aka snoop dogg and currency , Redman and last but not least Dizaster who is very well known battle rapper , I don't know these guys personally but my uncle is a concert promoter and when these guys come to perform , We have to make sure we have the best strains for them . Email if you are willing to donate your product.

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  • we supply , Pupple kush , master kush , white widow ,Mr nice Guy , thai-skunk , Bud,
    ,Afghani ,haze white widow Big Bud , Ice,Bubblegum ,Hollands Hope ,Northern LightPurple Power s ,Aurora Indica ,Bubblegum,Blue Mystic,Californian Skunk ,Durban Poison ,Hawaii Skunk ,Haze 19 x Skunk ,Haze ,Hindu Kush ,Hollands Hope ,Indoor Mix ,Jock Horror ,Maroc x Afghan ,Northern Lights ,Orange Bud ,Silver Haze ,Skunk , misty weed others text us at text us at 903-929-7818 email at

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  • We have beautiful frosty light green nugs with bright orange hairs.
    strong smell.
    large nugs
    a little fluffy
    smokes bomb, long high
    will not last at this prices
    Available flowers in stock now:
    OG Kush
    Bubba kush
    Sour Diesel
    Purple Haze
    Purple kush
    Blue Dream
    Green Crack
    Whithe widow
    afghan kush and other flowers.
    we also have instuck pain pills and weight loss tabs
    email us at ( or call/TEXT (720) 316-1039.

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  • i got plenty of medical OGs for you guys,OG Kush,Platinum OG Kush,Charlie
    sheen OG,XXX OG, Ogre OG…… email me,

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