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On my last day in Los Angeles, Sasha and I figured we’d sit down and have a quick wake and bake session before I had to get on the plane to head home!

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  • I checked to see if you were the guy from Cracked…sorry dude lmao but still keep up the good work

  • sup josh, been a week, u good bro? everything okay? hope it is, all the best from portugal

  • Where's the videos at Josh?! 👀🤔⏱. Turning into the ThcTemple. Haha jk, cheers from NC.

  • @no content

  • I would marry her so fast

  • Fuck you josh your lucky

  • Bro it's been 2 months. Refund or hemp holder?! Wtf..

  • Josh please review the holy grail strain it's my absolute favorite and the first strain I ever smoked

  • Josh used to be my fav Weed Tuber. He helped inspire me to start mine. Now he is making enough money to not have a job and he still cant even keep a promise to upload. Josh i hope you change if not a lot of us will be very sad and mad bc we would have never expected this from you. Have a good day Josh and please
    think about your career and the people that make it possible.

  • All those saying that they should hookup you must realize they are doing a job right now and that isn't professional and could fuck up their content relationship. What you highschool virgins don't realize is there are plenty of hot women at there. Abundance mentaily is what you have when you don't have trougble finding good pussy. And one girl won't matter because you could just get another the next day.

  • nice video bro, best wishes, Tony From Bonnie Scotland, subbed

  • Sex and the feelings surrounding it change at various times/points. Newsflash it's you. Wow. Talk talk and be heard (me too please). One love.

  • Some of these comments seem old and inappropriate you you to be too friends.

  • Smoking a woods of some wild rose at three in the morning. A true wake and bake, cheers from Maine!

  • Big ups from Strandz! Canada's funniest new stoners

  • Where have you gone josh its been like 6 days of no content

  • We miss you bro!! Where you been?

  • Joshs vid count went down one tf

  • What the FRICKEN HECK why aren't you more popular your content has such a wide variety to choose from and it's all fUCKiN AWeSomE. You should get sponsored by everything. idk I'm pretty ripped idk what i'm saying, but keep making videos pls.

  • wheres the vid bro