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“Moonrock” – (Product Review)


Today, I got my hands on one of these Poetry in Metal “moonrock” nails to do a review on! This is a nail that uses a porous stone to dab thorough, instead of your normal hot piece of titanium! No doubt what i’d consider to be the perfect “on-the-go nail” for quick hits!!


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  • quick question. how do i kmow to get a female or male nail?

  • if your name WOULD be Josh, then what IS your name?

  • Hey Josh I'm new to this channel! And I have to say right off the bat you've got yourself a new subscriber. Love the positivity you provide at the end of every video. Sending good vibes and blessings your way! Have a good one man!

  • thanks, i feel loved now! haha peace

  • *as opposed to…

  • Yo josh. Just wanted to thank you for everything you do for the cannabis community. I'm on the east coast. Actually live right down the street from the Sandy Hook School. Was heavily addicted to opiates/heroin for years. Got clean with dabs. Thc saved my life and all of your videos are so informative. You have helped me out big time. Thanks josh!

  • Is your name really josh? Because you say "hi guys my name WOULD be josh" can someone help me?

  • like mail time with smosh but it could be mail time with…….JOSH!!!!

  • Great channel. We're loving the content

  • Dude i loved the last minute of your video, really helped me out… Thanks a lot.

  • Smokin a blunt of some sour diesel to your vids bro keep it up!

  • You're a good guy. Thanks josh

  • i dont know why but i really want to punch u in the face for some reason

  • Your essentially inhaling butane but when you get not so good oil you complain about there being residual butane

  • thanks i needed sum goodlovin'

  • How much weed do you use if you want to get really high. How many grams / joints. I currently can't get any sort of oil and feel like a joint isn't really having much effect

  • 3:42 wtf did he say lol

  • i have a 7 hole domeless ti no clue on brand with straw at bottom had no clue why it was their. and now that i think of it ive never had my joints stick together.

  • nature dabs