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MMJ America – Boulder, Colorado – News Feb 23, 2013 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

1909 Broadway L.L.
Boulder, CO, 80302

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  • I'll be sure to stop by on my trip next summer!

  • This shit beats tha black market prices

  • Dude, MMJ is the best dispo in Boulder. Their buds are all always really sticky, fragrant, break up oh so beautifully, and smoke/taste fantastic!!! I'm currently smoking the Larry OG, Pink Lady, LSD, and Melon Gum. The Girl Scout Cookies they had was fucking fire too!
    For the quality, the price is awesome compared to other dispos around the area. You can get a grab bag of smaller nugs for like $70 for a 1/2 oz. Niggas who hatin don't know shit. :)

  • ive seen better buds here in cali

  • no people shouldn't chose you cause of your excellent customer service, they should chose you to get stoned out of their mind haha.

  • I'll be visiting Denver in August and I can't wait to smoke some these fine buds.

  • You should be breaking down the huge ass bugs and taking out that .5 stem before you weight it I make my bud tender do it everytime 

  • Id like to see more tours of Colorado dispensaries. 

  • Damnnn…… I needa move to Colorado every summer when the weather nice LOL Cheap flaves and they grown a mile high so they seem more potent than ocean/desert grown Cali……….and the gurls toooooo

  • I bet she does anal

  • California grower. specializing in Kush OG strains.

  • born and raised in cali here, currently living in washington state. lemmie tell you its too rainy here to grow any shitty outdoor bud. most is cali quality or better <3 stay faded my friends

  • shes got nice titsssss aha

  • Whats the point, once the pot shops open to the public, then their will be no use for MM dispensary

  • damn she has great tits…….Slobber..Slobber..Slobber…:)

  • not yet

  • i need the fucking song


  • Who? This bitch is ratchet pussy.

  • you are sooooo gangsta.