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Miss High Times Does The Gauntlet Watch Miss High Times (Jan 2011), Clazina Rose as she attempts to take on what many claimed Tang cannot. Will Tang get bested? Will Clazina triumph? Rate and comment if you like the video!


  • shes the best miss hightimes

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah she's friiieeedddddddd at the end

  • They made this corny bitch miss hightimes??? WTF????

  • "were not gonna do any editing on this one"- cut scene

  • Oh hell yea "stoney natural girls" i love that, they're so much better then those hot, preppy, bitchy chicks with no body. And you're right, they're not hippies, fuck that guy.

    And btw, of the stoner chicks that I've seen in my days, most of them had some of the nicest asses I've ever seen 😀

  • my kids play minecraft,and i check out different music from time to time be it asher roth or otherwisei dont have to answer to you.You know what i dont do is troll around youtube writing stupid shit ,hoping for a response.And i am not going to look into your history praying. i can dig up some video you like, just to make fun of you on here.What i will do is pack a nice glass of some californias finest,and move on to some intelligent coversation.

  • u must have not seen magweedo 10dab revolver in 1 breath

  • anyone would be dead after 10 dabs @bardobridge you fuckin idiot

  • not really impressed she didnt snap em

  • TRUE GAUNTLET IS 10 DABS. But i guess you could make up your own weak version, thats cool too.

  • shes so hot!

  • dude I'd fuck her, but I wouldnt date because she will smoke all my green!

  • wtf theres still shit in your bowls lol

  • I think my girlfriend is better =) Check out our Dab Vids at DabaDabaGoo

  • not much of a gauntlet..I'd call this a friday night

  • it has to be 7 pieces half flowers half oils or it dont count

  • the ccc crew cand do this shit no prob all earls and they do 10

  • Im stuck between agreeing and disagreeing, i like that my girl cant take more than .2 in a hit, my jar tends to stay full longer, as messed up as that sounds. low tolerance is a good thing sometimes.