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MILE HIGH COUGH SESSION!! (420Science + SlowerFuture+ TyHighGuy)


420Science – (

While we were in Denver, I had to sit down with SlowerFuture, TyHighGuy, and Brandon & Gary from 420Science to do a big ol’ sponsor collab sesh! This is only the beginning when it comes to content from this trip, but I can’t thank them enough for making this trip absolutely incredible!!

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  • how much did you guys like igadi

  • i swear the bald dude sounds kinda weird when explaning what a dab tastes like

  • No homo but what does the guy in the green shirt use on his face? His skin is flawless

  • u guys all have beards! what does this mean?

  • good vlog until the 420 Boring Science guys showed up lol

  • McLovin

  • man I wish I had that nice as house.

  • The terpenes are harsh when you dab them because they are a organic solvent! So when dabbing pure terps you are actually dabbing pure solvent. Cheers

  • I have a serious question. Don't be offended I'm just curious @StrainCentral

  • Josh some advice I can give you is try not to cough and just drink some water from experiance it seem that coughing helps nothing ,but just makes you want to cough more.

  • Does josh smoke it medicinally and if he does why?

  • You literally just coughed for 12 minutes.

  • You literally just coughed for 12 minutes.

  • i don't understand why they were coughing so much. damn they were coughing for such a long time.

  • Lol find the zoolander reference

  • Ya'll are funny?

  • NICE CONTENT JUST WATCHED A VID with 420science keep it up m8

  • Yall niggas cough too much for youtubers tbh

  • 2:43 pause "I hope you guys are smoking along, dabbing along, vaping along, getting those cannabinoids deep into your lungs, because these are going to be deep into mine!" ~Josh~

  • You need to roll through PDX. I have a strain that will blow your mind.