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Micheal Phelps OG Showcase from Westside Care Givers


  • song title pleases?

  • @robertshawn77 seedless – twisted love

  • @christianzzz09 whoa if they really do shit like that to trees over there people obviously don't care and r not puffing that SHIT themselves

  • @friedpb13 Dont know if you got it already but the song it Twisted love by Seedless.

  • Someone tell me what song this is…I must have it!


  • so this show is about people getting high? and marketing for stores? mmm I'd like to listen more about medical use.

  • tang the bigger pot head i think

  • I wanna see one of you rip that fuckin' bazooka on the right !

  • It's unfortunate MP has the same last name as those WBC fucks.

  • @Lantho650 maybe ill go do that, I'm pretty sure nobody knows why you just said that by the way.

  • @Lantho650 sick dude.

  • @pbTERROR who else would he be talking to about the weed…definatly not a video camera.

  • @deka360 I agree man, those names are ridiculous…

  • @Piggins831 AMEN!!!!

  • @Piggins831 Preach!!!

  • this is 1 of the DUMBEST names ever! the DUMBEST name by the way is: XXX Gucci OG

  • @urhellarip Cool story bro.

  • What shower head is tang using and where can I get one.

  • Tang gets way toooo ripped by the end of the video for these strain reviews