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Miami OG Showcase from State College Caregivers

Go to to check out more of this dispensary’s specials!


  • @AdamG1080 i did to at first lol

  • Totally thought that was Yelawolf hahahahah

  • that guys so kewl, with his glasses and jersey and tattoos. shits cash br000

  • good vibe

  • Gil said "you know…before MMJ, every once in a while I would come across an OG…", he was building it up like there was some kind of big story but then he just stops and it's an akward silence lol

  • @herbprophet haha for real i met him at hempfest in seattle and he was where all the same stuff lol

  • Id love to smoke Miami OG :)

  • I bet Gil's closet is full of those shirts lol.

  • Same here!!! I just saw this uploaded… weird eh

  • Why so few views? This is one of the best vids you guys have put out for a long time (no offense).