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Method Man Lets Macklemore Know What’s Up – News Apr 26th, 2013
We thought you guys might get a kick out of this. Method Man lets Macklemore know what’s up when it comes to crowd walking. This took place at the 420 Method Man / Redman concert sponsored by WeedMaps, The Clinic, and Homegrown Outfitters at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado 4/20/13.


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  • white people.

  • hey barry those coke head drug using rock stars wasnt walkn on the hands they were laying there stink ass on there hands surfing the crowds fuckn white people always exaggerate on every fuckn thing damnnnnn

  • Rumor has it that Method Man invented the internet too…

  • This dudes gotta be fucking high I like method man he's a funny dude , I don't like Maclemore he's wack to me, but this dude really thinks he created,invented walking on crowd ha ha lol that's funny shit get the fuck out of here rock stars been doing that shit before method man was even in his dad's nutsack yet lol black ppl always thinking they invented shit that's funnt as fuck. 

  • What's the song at the end?

  • I ain't know the dude with the braids was Redman. Lol

  • Bahahahahhaah, ahahahahahahhaahha, ahahahahahaahahaha. Acting like an idiot "THATS MY SHIT"

  • what? dont get me wrong i dont like macklemore at all but where did you get the impression that he hates black people?

  • I Am With U All The Way 🙂


  • Now this fag knows what's up

  • You man to say that you didn't know macklemore hates black people? Amusing.

  • macklemore would get jumped by 30 people then pissed then talk that love love wu got soldiers with all different intentions and purpose

  • first of all you ignorant fatherless faggot Method Man tours internationally with Wu Tang Clan, Redman and Bootcamp Clique in Europe, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada and South America for MILLIONS getting 40-60Ka gig so what the fuck is 50K fans? 2nd Macklemore has 2 solid hits on 1 album. He will die out in a year or will convert completely to pop charts and make alternative music until the next gimmick wigger back packer comes along. Tical, How High, Black out are all over 3 times platinum

  • fuck Method Man? you're father was a faggot clearly.

  • What song is that off of?
    Mathod Man & Redman would kill Macklamore in a battle, hands down.

    Seen how the leader of Macklamore did not give the mic to the only black dude in the group during the 2013 MTV VMA's???

  • Be haga makes you sound like the dick munched bro. You can't shake my spirit over being a fan of good music. I hope you an your combover can get along with others or your ass might not be happy in your old age. Have a good day, or don't. Whatever you think is cool macklemore same love lover

  • Take your hipster ass back to your button up drawer and be different bro. Stick to what you know. Meth and Red been spittin that fire since before your favorite rapper was born. Thats LEGEND status. Get mad and listen to 50cent and his god aweful bars. 8 bars and trippin over his big lips

  • yall aint gotta like it but meth is playin himself with this.