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“Megatoke XL” – (Product Review)


Megatoke sent over one of their XL units for me to review! It’s awesome to see improvement from the older unit & I was actually pretty surprised with it as combustion pen. Definitely a pen for those looking for big hits that pack a punch!!

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  • Take a bong rip and watch his arms?

  • I dare you to drink the bong water 😉

  • okay just a quick thing I haven't heard you should do research on your 18650's and not buy anything that's any kind of sketchy to you..

  • I love spoon pipes

  • with spoon pipes its all on how harsh you can take it and how much

  • Sam

    270 hahahahahah

  • Josh I live in Olympia…where's summer bro lol this rain and cold wet weather blows mann Lol

  • For those who are complaining about the price.. Who said you HAVE to buy it? Lol

  • Do a video of you just getting super stoned

  • I'm a spoon piper lol, I wish I could rip a bong like you do lol!

  • I think they would be cool to have but not anytime soon they are out of the budget right now lol. Great video Josh, keep up the great work

  • if you buy a megatoke, you'll be megabroke ? for $270, you might as well cop a pax 3, which is more portable, saves more, and better than smoking for you.

  • In my experience you need to smoke spoon pipes every single day almost all day long if you want to get used to the harshness, the first bong hit you take is gonna be harsh as fuck and after that every bong hit you take will get a little bit better, same goes for spoon pipes or any other smoking method, I personally smoke a big honeycomb bong and I have to cough more when I switch to a spoon pipe, though I used to only smoke with spoon pipes and had no issues with them at all.

  • Josh keep the beard but get a fade bru it's 2017

  • Is it possible to get it in Germany?

  • do you stil like the gigawax pen

  • not a fan of spoon pipes either! can't beat a good bong.

  • raj

    dab on them h0es

  • I'd kill for one of these badboys

  • You get a premium high end vape for that price, also why doesn't anyone talk about the taste or how efficient it is?