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Y’all tore me apart for not using the Megatoke XL to its fullest potential in the last video.. So I thought i’d go ahead and try it out against it’s original counterpart as a comparison! πŸ˜›

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  • What's background song

  • Strain central, can you please do a video on what you should look for in a dry herb vape pen?

  • Damn! I see why it's the MEGAtoke!

  • Keep up the good work man.. I've been thinking about getting one of the XL's but just don't have the money right now so hopefully I'll be able to get one soon

  • ayee shoutout NVClosetMedGrower been watching his vids a few years now

  • Loving the loads of content, Josh. Cheers!!

  • the nvclosetmedgrower shirt!!

  • im new to this channel and i was wondering do you live in colorado

  • Review Azirzer air, you said on twitch you've never even tried it.

  • And today, we're uploading another ad for my sponsors. Im lit josh i do not need this. <3

  • Do a review of the Focusvape Premium Pro πŸ˜€ cheers brotha

  • I feel like the mega toke ruins the function on every single bong

  • I feel like the mega toke ruins the function on every single bong

  • I was just about to buy that TAG bong but I bought the bamboo beaker instead!

  • nice

  • still too much money

  • Well Josh is high haha

  • Is it super bad to smoke when you have a cold?

  • Try smoking a nug of herb off a red hot banger