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MEGATOKE – (Product Review)


Megatoke – (

So I finally got my hands on one of these Megatoke’s that everyone else has been using, so I thought i’d give my own review on it! If you’re looking for a good replacement for a pipe, this can be quite good for stealthy occasions!

Overall I give this a solid [4/7]

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  • shit lip a normal part of smoking weed

  • Someone should get ppl to use their moon rocks in here. Looks the most efficient method

  • does it leave a smell if you blow the smoke into a sploof or smoke buddy?

  • Does this smell like weed or does it disguise the smell a bit

  • lower the price, then we talk.

  • Anyone know if I should get one

  • What's better for conserving your herb and getting high, smoking joints or using good combustion pens???

  • Will you do a video on rolling?

  • lol its a cheaply made mechanical mod that they pack with herb

  • Your "Strain Central Scale" doesn't make any sense to me… If the product is absolutely TERRIBLE and gets 0 points for each category (practicality, functionality, quality and affordability), then it should get a 0 overall, but the number line only goes down to 1… am I just overthinking this?

  • or you could get the ceramic bowl on their website for 30$ a 18350 mech mod for 20$ or less and a battery for 3-6$

  • Ur a dirty ginger

  • TODAAAAAY!!!!!!!!

  • Thats hilarious dude! lmao fuck the Megatoke I'm getting a Pax 2

  • Sup Josh!! It looks like a airbrush gun on steroids…haha

  • Would it still smell when u smoke if u had a smoke buddy??

  • being an e-cig vaper those little 700mah batteries are horrible, if you are looking for a vapourizer try looking for one that accepts an 18650 battery, they are safer and you can get a samsung 25r 18650 battery and you will be safer and it will last longer

  • I love your vids man !!! I'm kinda new to the entire smoking scene but what is a vaporizer that won't break my bank but yet it won't be so cheap , also one that does not leave a smell around !! Thanks man !!

  • IIG

    Something tells me that this product is better than it is given credit for here. I have never used it, but there are too many people that use it religiously for me to believe that it is as problematic as the review states. Maybe there is just a learning curve? Great review though. Just based on what I know about it, I wouldn't buy one.