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“Medtainer” – (Product Review)


I’ve been trying out these medtainers for the last few weeks to get a feel for them, so I finally thought i’d do a full review!! These are grinder/storage containers that are smell-proof, water-proof, and air-tight!

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  • where did you get that shirt? and does it come with a green thing in the middle?

  • fun huas is a thing

  • That is a sexy damn bubbler mane!

  • make a video where you fill it with cotton so you don't have to worry about getting your weed wet

  • I disagree. I don't use any other grinder or weed container since getting my Medtainer.

  • I'm so disappointed that you just got one of these.

  • FunHaussssssss

  • Hell yeah man. Funhaus rocks!

  • Roll Uh Bowl Review.

  • Get discounts lad for medtainers, man loves his weed

  • Since when is it Bada boom Bada Bing ???

  • Hey nice FunHaus shirt! Love them

  • Nice fun house shirt

  • funaus

  • Fun house

  • so xl version will it hold a small one hitter efficiently thinking new school dugout thats smell and waterproof

  • My friends said i was stupid to buy a bubbler, Its my favorite way of smoking now so that shot them haters down.

  • I've stuffed almost about a half O in the same sized one that you have Dude, just thought i should let you know lol you can put a lot in there but that really squishes the weed, so then again it'd be best to leave about 5Gs. Its great for joints 🙂 . sticky bud grinds good too, just more effort to it and I've put big nugs in and it ground pretty good, there good lol i use it every day i have a willy wonka one lol

  • i ran mine over

  • nice funhaus shirt