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MEDICATING MONDAYS (Ep. 1) : Beer & Cleaners


Today I am smoking on some Golden Goat wax and some Jack the Ripper flowers while rambling for a while! Definitely starting to feel better post cold! I hope everyone is having a great day today ­čÖé


  • Craft Buds and Brews! 420! Keep it going!´╗┐

  • you do have a beard, you said you didnt at the start of yoyr channel´╗┐

  • Maryland´╗┐

  • what about a dispensary tour?´╗┐

  • all the way from Minnesota. I used to smoke but not any more but I'm a big supporter for legalization´╗┐

  • i live in New York lmao i also want to see u rip off something bigger then 3 feet´╗┐

  • i live in New York lmao´╗┐

  • Texas … Alien og is what I'm smoking on rn however cookies is pretty popular here aswell´╗┐

  • $20 a gram of wax!? We pay double that here, and it isn't as good looking as yours there.´╗┐

  • Arizona! I don't have my medical card because it is too expensive, but I do smoke. Flowers from Oregon, and local. I love your poster BTW, Gears of War was a fun game. Only played the first 2.´╗┐

  • awesome videos keep it up! From Minnesota smoking some blue dream´╗┐

  • iso and mortons┬áis the way to go, been using it for about 13 years now.´╗┐

  • Windsor Ontario ! and we're dabbin on Wax and smokin on Strawberry Cough! and shouts out to @customgrow420 !´╗┐

  • Longer sessions my friend´╗┐

  • I'm from Georgia ´╗┐

  • I love Grunge off reusable for 3 months ┬ácheck it out´╗┐

  • Holland, first time i was 13. ´╗┐

  • from charlotte, nc. smoking on white widow, and ak-47.´╗┐

  • Tennessee as well. Always watch your videos when I'm missing bud. Would like to see you review some GDP. One of my favorites. Keep it up! ´╗┐

  • im from australia haha :') and im a nom smoker ´╗┐