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Medicated Smoothie Review with Pot P.C.A. Gil reviews medicated smoothies with Keith from Pot P.C.A.


  • been making those for years now lol never thought of marketing them´╗┐

  • Delicious

  • Next time, I'm taking it easy on the trimmings

  • I made myself a smoothie the other day with frozen banana, pineapple, coconut oil, papaya, kale and i threw in a handful of dried bud trimmings, and i only drank half of it, I have to say, I put too much leaf into it, I felt it coming on in about 15mins and it lasted 30 hours, Luckily i did it right after dinner, I totally hallucinated, People on tv looked like cartoons etc. The toilet looked like a big mouth that wanted to eat me. I really didn't think i would get that high.

  • lol good stuff

  • Loaded with calories, suppresses nausea, tastes good- how the fuck does Obama/the DEA sleep at night when cancer/AIDS patients are turned into criminals for turning to things like this?

    Seriously, a fucking miracle in a cup; made illegal by our government.

  • Looks good!!

  • lazy afternoon-rebelution. i love rebelution!

  • there so damn good.only 5 bucks to

  • how long does it take to get high once consumed my plants are nearly ready for harvest and want to try this out lol

  • lol the reason its sealed is because they can't legally sell smoothies with delta-9 THC as a n ingredient without the guarantee that the patient themselves will be the ones to open it. Once its opened by the patient, it is then no longer the responsibility of the smoothie shop if the shake gets into hands that don't need it.

    Not trying to be a dick, but that IS why they seal the cups.

  • god i fucking love cali

  • Awesome idea. Both the flaxseed oil and the enzymes from the fruit help the body absorb the THC, and also mediate the THC effect for sensitive individuals. I wonder why they didn't use hempseed oil though?

  • @klubian this would help the urge to smoke while sick… – Gil

  • @Dahfonz mmmm mango kush smoothie.. i like berry kush best.

  • @GreenMachine420420 smoothies are awesome for fishing, movies, the beach, etc… they taste really nice, and the medication isn't overwhelming…. it's "just right". and if you want overwhelming you just get a double or triple shot.

  • @TheRavi1 this Gil character might think you're ok… no matter what anyone says about you! – Gil

  • @enjoiwrx looking forward to it! i haven't shot medical weed on the east coast yet. – Gil

  • Hey Gil did you hear D.C. is gonna join the Medical MJ states soon hopefully by the end of the year. I would love it ,when it does go full throttle, you guys come down here and do a review. I would definetly show you guys around the area and do a review. The dispensaries are open but aren't selling MJ yet just pieces. Can't wait. Oh yeah i would be stoked if i viewed/tasted 400-500 strains a month!!HA!

  • @klubian hell yeah man hopefully I can get my quarter O tonight so balance can be restored to the universe lol peace man