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Medi-Caps Sativa by Kinetic – News Aug 22 2012 – Visit and search menus for Medi-Caps locations. Visit for more information.

Medi-Caps are offered in two strains: Indica and Sativa. In general, the Indica based capsules are more effective for pain relief because they tend to have higher levels of Cannabidiol (CBD), while the Sativa based capsules are recommended for applications requiring a more stimulatory effect.

The soft-gel gelatin/glycerin capsules are filled with lecithin infused with cannabis flowers. The flowers come from skilled Emerald Triangle growers that we trust to provide us with cannabis flowers that are the high quality and potency required for our products. Unlike some capsule makers, we believe that the extra work required creating the infusion using flowers instead of hash oil concentrates are worth the extra time and effort because of the superior product that is produced. Using flower infusions guarantees that there is no chemical residue left over from the concentration process in our product — which can be a concern when using hash oil concentrates instead of flowers in the infusion process.

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  • The pills look like paintballs

  • are they vegetarian?

  • i wana take like 50 of those pills!!!!

  • And they best part… NO OVERDOSE! Totally safe! Right on Kinetic!!!

  • Why on earth would you do that? 😛

  • can u shoot them out of ur paintball gun too?

  • @bouncygangsta way to invalidate cancer patients and people who suffer MS. There is scholarly evidence that it possesses highly effective medical use. Do your research and don't speak for others who do suffer.

  • Will i trip balls if i take like 10?

  • bahahha! plug it!

  • This is not turning it into pharma, its ideal for people that can't smoke.

  • yes im sure you were kid

  • no i actually research everything i put in my body i was just looking for other peoples reviews on this product kid

  • about which fact? this is youtube, just google anything i wrote and find a good source. google, b-17, omega 3 benifets, ibogaine addiction, and tommy chong cancer free. theres a bunch of reliable links on the first page. youll find some interesting stuff if you actually research some of this.

  • *citations needed

  • nice to see you take the time to see month old comments…FAIL#

  • there are many, many, POWERFUL herbal medicines. in concentrated forms, some are stronger than the leading pharmaceutical brands that they push on us. so for one, i think many herbal/natural medicines, both psychoactive and not (cannabis oil, B-17, omega 3, ibogaine, etc..) are not just "weird" but also very powerful. tommy chong is famous for being 99% cancer free since his new MJ oil treatment. he WOULD use it even if it didnt get him high because it WORKS.

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  • Oh cmon, be real, do you think anyone would give two shits if it didnt get you high? No one would even know what it is except for the same grandmas who use the weird ass herbal supplements at your local store.

  • cannabis is one of few medicinal miracules on this planet. it just happens to get you high too. even if it didnt get you high it would still live up to its actual physical medicinal properties.