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Medi-Caps Indica by Kinetic – News Aug 14 2012 – Visit and search menus for Medi-Caps locations. Visit for more information.

Medi-Caps are offered in two strains: Indica and Sativa. In general, the Indica based capsules are more effective for pain relief because they tend to have higher levels of Cannabidiol (CBD), while the Sativa based capsules are recommended for applications requiring a more stimulatory effect.

The soft-gel gelatin/glycerin capsules are filled with lecithin infused with cannabis flowers. The flowers come from skilled Emerald Triangle growers that we trust to provide us with cannabis flowers that are the high quality and potency required for our products. Unlike some capsule makers, we believe that the extra work required creating the infusion using flowers instead of hash oil concentrates are worth the extra time and effort because of the superior product that is produced. Using flower infusions guarantees that there is no chemical residue left over from the concentration process in our product — which can be a concern when using hash oil concentrates instead of flowers in the infusion process.

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  • weedmaps doesn't allow u to search for strains any more. just locations+doctors. anybody no whats up?

  • is this just as effective as cannabis oil

  • so where can I find this someone please help

  • where can I buy this?

  • They don't sell these anywhere anymore I don't know what happened…it's such a shame for people that are taking these as a medication for medical reasons

  • yea. not enough places have them.weeds been legal here in cali for like 10 years and pills are still somewhat rare.its frustrating for us folks that don't smoke.smokings a pain in the ass.u eat,u come down,gotta smoke again.pills? u eat.makes no difference.pills are awesome.

  • DAMMIT. most dispensary's don't have them. mostly O.C shops.common guys,spread the health around

  • These pills and edibles are everything I need,its more healthy and the meditation lasts longer for like three hours I take two pills and im good.please more dispensarys should sell these.

  • Cannabis medications ought to be available in multiple forms, including capsule, liquid, patch and smokeable.

  • blue pill red pill:)mmm matrixy

  • do you just put it in your mouth and it dissolves or something?

  • Great idea you can OD and die on most medicins prescribed by a doctor if you take to much. lets see what happens if you do that with these probably just fall asleep!

  • I just did a review on those !! Love them !!

  • How many mg per pill? Does anyone know the CBD mg for the Indica version? I had one Sativa and got rid of my tension migraine, but nothing psychoactive. I felt sober still. I just had two indicas though we will see..

  • @wheedskate I'm confused.. If you smoke a lot, I must be tolerance king or something… I'm 5'6" 130 and I had a Sativa and didn't actually get high at all. REALLY stoked my migraine went away! Great medication. But I felt sober pretty much. I vape nightly.

  • Are these sold legally in California?

  • I am curious as to the process used to concentrate the flowers into the infusion. Is this a cool or hot process? My experience is that cool processes render the THC inactive, meaning there is no psychoactive reaction, only the remaining benefits. With a hot process the psychoactive reaction is strong. I learned this from folks using the compounds for cancer without getting high in any way,

  • Lmao

  • I'll pop the hole jar