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MedBox- Medical Marijuana Vending Machine Demo

Take a demo tour of this cool vending machine brought to you by MedBox!


  • Excuse me, you don't get your pharmacy pills from a vending machine. Clinics need to stay. More Jobs, happier patients!

  • are you kidding me? the employees who conceptualized the machine, built the machine, provided resources for the machine, and repair the machine constitute many more jobs than one grower and distributer. its called creative destruction–and it creates more jobs than it eliminates. its like saying cars were bad because now carpenters who built buggies and carriages are out of business.

  • Stock $10.80 2 days ago today $140.00 😀

  • Ish

    stocks last friday 4.27 today 38.90

  • Good ol Andre Nickatina on the intro!

  • 4200 viewer. Baked as fuck!

  • @zb813 ohyeahhh

  • @Kaystar420 yeah because your tottaly correct. the internet IS for correct grammar and spelling. haha, ironic. do you know who else couldint spell? Albert Einstein, George Washington, Isac Newton. im sure any one who has ever spelled incorectly before is a complete idiot! what a bunch of dumb asses right? haha, and im glad i was able to anger you so easily, try anger management before you start freaking out on people on youtube bro.

  • whats stopping someone from beating the shit out of this box at night and stealing all the medicine. serious question

  • @MyGoldenFetus
    there isnt an honest person in the whole industry. you have no idea what your talking about

  • That guy just wants to make money it not convenient at all if there in a collective it would be if they were at the corner store or something but it a hour to the closest med club me just got a vending machine and puts meds in it plus u don't even get to smell it or anything I hope no club owner r actually stupid enough to buy this

  • @jacobmohon didju watch the video? "it requires biometric verification so no-one else is using your card, and it documents every single transaction." – direct quote from the video.

  • andre nickatina!!!

  • @laidbackasalways thanks for ruining my plan…

  • @jacobmohon There was a security guard who verified me at the last shop I went to that had a vending machine. They were always taxed everytime I used them. I heard some spots give you a VIP card to use in the machine when the shop is closed but the machine is working.

  • He is so in it for the money. Not the cause at all.

  • @laidbackasalways lol its like trying to steal an atm full of pot

  • @nugporn i dont know it the "med box" does, but there are marijuana vending machines in LA that have a card insert and thumbprint scanner, never used one myself, but if i go to LA i will!

  • Nickatina baby! that's the way to my heart @weedmaps @williambreathes @gill