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“Matanuska Thunder Fuck” – (Strain Review)


I finally got the full story & a good sample of this “Matanuska Thunder Fuck”, also known as “MTF”, “Alaskan Thunder Fuck”, and “ATF”. These names do not refer to any specific strain of cannabis though, they are all simply names for quality cannabis that came out of the Matanuska valley from the 70-90’s.

This specific batch seems to be a Sativa dominant batch that is very uplifting, creative, and euphoric. While also having heavy body relaxation & calming effects! Great for Pain, Depression, and Appetite Stimulation! Overall I give this batch a [6.4/7]

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  • Those close ups were pure weed porn I'm addicted now

  • True MTF-ATF whatever you want to call it today. It`s more like AK47 in taste, looks and smell. AK hit you faster but all in all it`s  AAA+++ BUD

  • Is there a strein. That is 7/7?

  • what state do u live where it is legal. Do u know a hot state that has legal cannabis

  • What did u do today? Smoked some Thunder Fucker

  • Smoking this shit rn & so far it's now in my top 5

  • I've never heard of Matanuska Thunder Fuck, however I have heard of and tried Alaskan Thunder Fuck….are the two essentially the same strain?

  • thats some tasty TASTY BUD?

  • You said "someone that lives in the valley", where to where is considered the valley, just wondering because I think I might be considered part of that

  • But is it the real deal? Where do you get the seeds? For any good MTF?

  • MTF makes you hungry because it's crossed with an afghani strain, as well as many others

  • lol I live in the matsu

  • need to work on stuff

  • Where do you look to get your info on the bud??

  • Beautiful Strain.

  • Unfortunately I've got a job that I sit in a chair all day and I'm used to very heavy labor (roofing, mechanic, old school hardcore factories and whatnot) so I hate to sit for extended periods lol. So some indica is my kind for that! I'm for sure not feeling the urge to get up and move around all the time then.

  • Man this video cleared up a lot of confusion I had about ATF. The ATF I get always has a tinge of purple to it and wondered why my medicine was always different from the pics of videos I see online. Thanks man! That explains it!

  • 2:36 so satisfying

  • Great educational video! I smoked this strain about 4 years back and I haven't been able to get a high like that since! Spread the positivity and love brah.