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Marijuana Testing Facility: Halent Labs Take a tour of one of the top trend setters in Marijuana testing: Halent Laboratories.


  • Funny that the government hasn't enforced the tobacco companies and the breweries to label their products with the appropiate labeling.

  • FWC! 916!

  • 28 days, drink plenty liquids, cranberry juice. Your THC level should end up being near nothing.

  • Weed pass ahhhh those guys! Not many friends have they now lol. Stop bunking reviews yet?

  • hahah toke a tok dashte me thon a 😀

  • Cool video

  • Good Work !! Halent Labs.

  • They betta legalize and do away with that underground deadly gov. that sells it.

  • lol "we also have a facebook page , like us friend us" Puff puff give first , no bogarting

  • DAmn they get all scientific with the nugs. hah

  • You can fire all these guys and just give me a lighter…

  • whole time i was watching that girl in the back, cuuute. haha

  • do "chron" patients get medicine ? and how much ?
    im moving to cali lol


  • As a scientist, the president of the firm, knows visine is harmful to the eyes.

  • 3:05
    paul has some "allergies" xD

  • that weed they tested had 27.86% THC? damn

  • Don't they test for heavy metals????

  • @MutantKush its a free fucking website if they take a few pot vids off who gives a shit there is still hundreds of thousands of pot related videos

  • @alberts1985 bill nye the science guy!