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“Mango Rosin” – (Concentrate Review)


The strain “Mango” is a cross between (Afghani x KC 33) that has an extremely citrusy/hashy taste & provides you with a very body calming high that will keep your body uplifted.

This particular batch was a made from flower using rosin tech by PacificNWRoots!!

I forgot to give this a rating in the video, but i’d give it a solid [6.1/7]

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  • it kinda pisses me off u light the thing and just leave it and talk then come back when its cold as fuck then u hit the wax

  • the rosin looks like mucus but hey dont judge looks ???

  • where could I get that bong? or is it a custom piece

  • It looks like a penis

  • Looks like its a pain In the butt to change the water in most of your rigs. Ive never had an oil rigs so I cant speak from experience.

  • Mahalo… Like to get yah some of our flagship Kaya's Koffee

  • i like how every time u hit the weed or wax u play music in the backround

  • I made my own rosin from mango kush and it was fabulous. I've never had bho and only my own rosin but man did I get instant pain relief. I medicate for several reasons and this was such a fast way without some prescription that I am going to recommend this to the whole veteran comunity…


    Get a quartz nail

  • umm u can not hit that shit lol

    looks bomb doe

    but I barley was able to see the smoke in ur daber so u should probably take care hits

  • Sup Josh! damn homie …when u were describing the flavor of the mango…my mouth was totally watering.. Haha…keep it lit…

    Peace n Puff.

  • Nice Mai Thai Klein!! I have the slyme and original

  • Terp cough from the rosin

  • dick shaped dab at 1:14

  • rosin fuck you up

  • Make a top 10 myths about weed

  • Essentially

  • Mane on this guy doe

  • How good looking is he?!!

  • plz do a review on mango kush plz plz plz.