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LITEBOX UNBOXING!! (November 2015)


Today i’m doing an un-boxing for November’s “Litebox” which is a monthly subscription service for smokers! The idea is that you won’t have to make a trip to the gas station/head shop because all of it is shipping monthly straight to your door!

If you are interested, You can use code “STRAINCENTRAL” for 15% off your purchase at – []

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  • tf is a dube tube?

  • that dabber is so beautiful

  • If you had to decide what is the best box you subscribe to??

  • you can roll some crazy stuff if you have glue like that. like not your typical straight joint

  • Where can I buy one of those pendants? Those look so sick

  • Arent you the kid that was on the Cnn special or something like that.. If u are, glad u doing well, im enjoying ur vids.. Actually learned something while watching your blunt vs joint vid…good job..

  • Ill be honest, I like this guy so much more the Jolly aka CustomGrow420

  • Rad pipe josh (:

  • You know you're a stoner when you say "one of my first dabs in like, almost a day." ??????

  • Should've used a drop down

  • Donald Trump 2016!

  • Dude are you amish or sum? Nice beard

  • Your name would be Josh, but what ?

  • no clue why tf the up next for me is a 6 year olds toy unboxing

  • @Coral Reefer uses Boveda humidity packs, and she claims in every Stoney Sunday ep that she LEAVES THEM IN her jars, and they just keep it from getting dried out…

  • The dude who invented that rolling glue (very recently) is on MassRoots, he's a big germaphobe or something, constantly raving about how dangerous and unsanitary smoking regular joints someone else rolled is, but IMO you can't get sick from someone unless they have a really contagious illness, and even then it's highly unlikely to come from the joint. The heat from the fire would burn any germs off, as long as the end in your mouth is clean.

  • Sick shirt man!

  • Egg

    I love your channel<3
    Also, if you don't mind me asking, what reason do you use cannabis for?

  • what's the song

  • over 123million metric tons of garbage gets dumped into the ocean and 30% of that waste is caused by America how do you feel about this and I love your videos