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*This is NOT a sponsored video, they simply sent me a package to do an unboxing video on & hooked you guys up with a discount code*

Use code “STRAINCENTRAL” for 15% off your purchase at – []

Today I decided to do a quick unboxing of the “Lite Box”, I absolutely love this idea!! The lite box is a rolling paper based subscription box for smokers!! Within the next couple months they are going to be launching “the hot box” which will be a monthly sub box with glass and smoking accessories!!!

In this months box, I got all kinds of papers and rolling accessories!!!

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  • OOHH god seeing the grav labs in your vids make me so sad..I broke mine trying to wash it :,( ….. it broke at the beginning of the long tube, not so close from the flame but rather not get intoxicated by fixing it with epoxy or glue..anyway great videos keep it up :,)

  • So awesome to see your channel growing like a weed!

  • Regardless of negative comments thank you for showing us a product that some of us would try keep it up josh cheers!

  • Great video! Keep up the great work. 

  • Screw the haters man like honestly jolie does constant reviews trying to sell product and telling people about dispensaries theres nothing wrong with it. Sponsored or not. We appreciate your effort. Well i do anyways

  • Hi dude I was wondering if you can let me know if you have ever had to quit cuz of a bad trip…recently i was smoking and after I took 2 hits I started to feel scared and paranoid and I had to hang onto my backyard pole to make sure I didn't fall over btw I was a regular everyday smoker smoking about .5 to 1 gram a day of the bomb weed I now just can't smoke cuz everytime I smoke I get the same affects of a scary high I really miss smoking but I don't like the new high I now get WHAT DO I DO PLZ RESPOND???? SOMEONE 

  • Awesome looking good. Cheers cha cha cheeeeerrssssss

  • Love your videos man, keep it up

  • i forgot i was subbed.. yeah new vid cheers Josh!

  • hmmmm who the fuck needs this many papers every month – I get through 2 large every month and don't use this many in 6 months

  • thumbnail looked like you were changing a baby lol…. freaked me out.

    I can't find the pricing or a way to subscribe on the site???? It just tells me to enter my email. Is this all done through email? (I watched the video earlier today, maybe you mentioned it)

  • Lmao…….

  • Not worth $15

  • Here in Holland it´s actually really common, we buy weed,papers,and a tipbook and we´re ready to go! 

    Cheers man!

  • Hahhahaa dude, amazing! went 2 days ago to Amsterdam (live in The Netherlands) to see Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias) and we came across a headshop ofcourse, bought myself a glasspipe, but also came across a card grinder (Cheech & Chong one), so that's fucking amazing you also got one now!

  • Do you prefer glass or papers when smoking with friends? Which is better for rolling, cylindrical grinders or grinder cards?

  • You're the bomb dude!