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Today i’m doing an un-boxing for July’s “Litebox” which is a monthly subscription service for smokers! The idea is that you won’t have to make a trip to the gas station/head shop because all of it is shipping monthly straight to your door! Love the idea & am glad I was sent a box to do a review on!

If you are interested, You can use code “STRAINCENTRAL” for 15% off your purchase at – []

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  • I know this video is old but please tell me the background music!

  • tell us how much they are


  • gotta get that box

  • The Toker Poker has the stem to poke a burnt bowl through your bong or clean a spoon pipe BUT the the other end is like a tamper. Sometimes you get a pipe thats hard to clear and you have to put the cherry out so you can clear the chamber. If you have fat spoon bowl that you can pack a lot of herb in, the tamper can put the cherry out so the herb just doesn't keep burning into the atmosphere, which is a crime in an of itself haha!

  • My girl and I order our first one, hopefully we get some cool shit!!! We might try the green bake one next month. Which one was better in your opinion?

  • I enjoyed my box this month =-p

  • I'd like to see a super stoney random ramble video hahah

  • How long did it take to ship?

  • Review the hemperbox

  • these videos are awesome saw you on customgrow420 and i can easily say i can watch your videos on a dailey

  • i want that bowl haha!

  • Definitely an improvement, ideas for future are more dab related products. & even a gold box with more expensive stuff like nails, & drop downs for people who would pay that extra $

  • They should add in some blunt wraps. That would be fuckin awesome! 

  • Whaddup Josh!  Been lovin your channel!  Good to see you and Jolie Collaborating.   Keep up the good work!   Cheers!

  • I enjoy element papers but looking for a different brand I heard some bad reviews on raw. Any input?

  • Everytime i'm sad i just watch your video's. Not only because i like weed but also because i think it's cool and funny how passionate you are about it.

  • Dude thanks for the share cheers to u man 

  • Digging the box man! Definitely liked the toker poker thing, and that pipe looked nice definitely not a cheaply made spoon pipe.

  • Dude i thought i was the only one who had the black finger problem when smoking! its such a hard habbit to break!