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“Linx Hypnos Zero” – (Product Review)


Got a review for the Linx Hypnos Zero! This is a ceramic plated wax pen that is actually quite great for flavor. It uses a 650 mah variable voltage ego style battery that will hold a charge for about 2 hours.

Overall I give it a solid [5/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • Would I be able to use E-Juice in the Hypno Zero Vape pen?

  • Is this better than the gigawax?

  • What oil pen is ur favorite?

  • Hi Josh love your vids brotha! hey wanted to know if the atomizer fits on ego-c twist? it's 510

  • Josh, why does this pen get a 5/7? Forgot to show us.

  • What is this beat called man I keep looking for it

  • I agree it feels like you can press the button and the smoke will flow on its own will minimal effort

  • Glad you liked it as well. Some people thought I was being over the top for liking it so much. Your cons were pretty similar to mine. And the pros as well hahaha. You said almost exactly the same stuff overall lol. Such an awesome little pen.

  • You should rename the channel to "Vape Pen Central"

  • God damnit Josh! You make these 11-minute videos, which I usually just skip because of the lenght but I know that the quality of your content is so awesome and just keeps getting better so you basically force me to watch each and every one of your videos because I can't stand the fact that I might be missing something awesome by not watching a video!

    I hate that I love your videos :D

  • josh can u please make a video on dry herb vaporizer…..and could u help us to get a good Vaporizer in INDIA….!!!!!

  • Can you do a health stone tutorial? Ive been looking at videos for it but they date back over a year and I'm sure it has advanced since then

  • missed the breakdown man

  • Glad you finally reviewed this pen! Definitely purchasing it now.

  • dude this guy, just smile. Yes thank you, your fucking awesome I love you man!

  • When he's Vaping he looks so sad

  • thank you for always jumping right into the videos instead of having an 8282 year intro ! I appreciate that & all of your videos man :)

  • Lol I just had a dream that I was hanging out
    With you

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