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“Linx Gaia” – (Product Review)


I got my hands on one of these Linx Gaia’s to review today! I’ve been playing around with this for the past few weeks, and honestly have kinda fallen in love with it as a flower vape. It’s a mostly convection vaporizer that is for dry herbs only, but it has a quartz chamber for maximum flavor.

Linx Gaia – (

Overall I give this beast a [6.3/7]

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  • Since you reviewed the Flowermate Pure Hit, which one do you prefer?

  • hey can you explain more about how u make this toest u speak of do u just sprinkle the vaped weed on and then eat?

  • The flavour and the taste are phenomenal 😂

  • I think a lot of the reason vaped weed gets you so high is for one when you ingest thc it gets stronger but also the fact that you likely dumb all your different indica and sativas into one ash tray and mix it all together

  • I have been thinking about getting the linx gaia for about a month now and you have officially convinced me to get it. Thank you 🤙🏼

  • Awesome review! I've owned my Gaia for over 6 months and I absolutely love it! Couldn't ask for a better vaporizer for the price in my opinion. Check it out guys!

  • do you think that it's worth the price? I checked on Linx's website and it goes for $160, which i think can be a little bit too pricey for someone with a decent budget.

  • wulf sx, $60 and pretty good

  • Thanks for the ABV tip!

  • I vape half the time with a larger unit and make butter with the ABV material. Double duty from the same product..YES PLEASE!!

  • do the pax 2

  • What's the secret to that majestic beard?

  • pax 3?

  • So Josh or someone 1 Q Im in the UK which has weed illegal Im a student so I do have to be stealthy so thought that I might get a vape but can they get you high to the same extent as like a pipe or joint ?

  • I was the 420th like 😁

  • Best thing about vaporizers is after a couple seshes you have and edible with the vaped weed!! Highly suggested you save all your vaped weed then eat a teaspoon of it

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  • big chui YouTube says were u been?

  • Hey Josh, don't know if you truly have an updated model because I used mine while charging not 5 minutes ago.

  • Will it get you as baked as if you combust?