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So today I thought i’d talk about something that I have a problem with.. BEING A LIGHTER THEIF!!! It’s like bic’s have a gravitorial attraction to my pocket.. Also have some information about the Olympia Hempfest at the end of the video!


  • 4 min 20 sec

  • Smoked a bowl of Gorilla Glue!

  • The vid is1 sec too long in my opinion. Lol


  • Everyone always steals my lighter

  • Didn't turn your torch off

  • yes you are, you are a kanievel conniving lighter thief !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'll b there bro!

  • Lmao I do that all the time too I got 26 lighters right now

  • still repping zumiez stickers lol

  • Hahaha, My pops used to put bics and white owls in my stocking on Christmas. Truly awesome parents. lol

  • Sour D!
    A few of those lighters are mine. Somehow you're that good

  • Almost at 420 dude!! 

  • I before e except after c! Thieves! 

  • Dabbing some refine Jesus

  • hahahahahahaa lmao when you dump that bucked ,,,i fill out hahahaahahaha

  • I think mainly stoners steal lighters because we're so used to using and having them . It's not done on purpose it's habit . Lol nice video. Outside sesh would be cool.

  • Yeeeep, there's tons of these people. Especially people that smoke nasty cigs all day, they have a habit of just putting it in their pocket ASAP. I usually hate chinese lighters, but I prefer to buy the 8 pack of lighters at walmart for 2 bucks. They are vietnam made by Scripto,they work great. GDP burning here. Is this hempfest the same hempfest as the seattle version or am I getting 2 mixed up? Please record a walkthrough ! Cheers mang

  • You need to be on that show "Hoarders" with all those lighters…hahaha