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Legendary Wellness Dispensary Tour Take a tour of the Legendary Wellness Dispensary located in Santa Ana, Ca.


  • I need some of these bud chicks to rub some hash oil on my dick.

  • that place looked shitty as hell

  • But yeah $55 eight is crazy talk!

  • I come here every other day.. Its pretty chill when I'm running low on money or need a free joint (Tuesday's)

  • 1:44 —– OK NO SHIT LOOK UP "38DABS 38th birthday"
    That fucking guy is like a viking god of weed.

  • u can get a green card for pretty much any ailment in cali.

  • CPA is a HUGE ripoff. It's a lot of HYPE.
    Don't drink the Nuggetry Kool-aid!

  • its funny that 55 for an eighth is considered a rip off, in north dakota that would be a great deal

  • @joshculp12 No. Fuck off kid

  • Southern California herb? No thanks.

  • can someone get a medical cannabis card for asthma or adhd

  • Do these dispensaries ever sell uk cheese? I never see it mentioned on these vds.

  • @NaturallyGreasy sad tool trolling; fags like you who love chubbs do love other fags like lil wayne. Ur not naturally greasy your just grease!

  • Chubbs = Spoiled Brat, who doesn't give 2 shits about any of you ppl, just your money and cooperation!

  • @FadedSTEELERSfan LOL are u still mad?

  • idk why u guys are all over chubbs but i guess none of you have been to SCPOT and met the warden himself. just saying if u kids like wax that taste like gunpowder go to chubbs! but if u want some thing that is way better for the same price scpot is the way to go! + just went to LW this past sun and they had some fire ass wax made from buds not leaves/shake or stems.

  • @Tonkpils989 chubbs is cool but come on man nobody gets rich doing the right thing you have to step on a couple of heads to get where he is today , he didnt get there being nice and respectful i bet you he fucked over a couple people COUGH TANG COUGH TANG TANG TANG

  • @FadedSTEELERSfan no, Chubbs is a respectful person who cares about the progress of medicinal canabis and if supporting fellow enthusiasts. Why does it always have to be competition?

  • hahahah CHUBBS HIMSELF COMMENTED THIS VIDEO …. you know he's watching out for these guys cause he knows they are shitting on him

  • you beautiful beautiful people… 420