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LAZY STONER CLUB UNBOXING! (Premium – November 2015)


Lazy Stoner Club – (
[Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off your order!]

The “Lazy Stoner Club Premium Box” is a monthly smoking subscription box that ships premium accessories to your door! This one is packed full of goodies, as well as a couple awesome vaporizers!!!

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  • I only have one pice

  • I prefer glass

  • G pro Black scale i just got one in order how is it josh? i heard it was pretty good haha ill be looking for a product review for this :)

  • I think that's a kief/keef scraper?

  • i always say 'and toDAAAYYYY' at the start of ur vids lol

  • nowhere near worth $100

  • "My name would be Josh" but it isn't? haha. I love how he always says that.

  • i must say, i really like your pants!
    And thank you for all the good vids. Am really enjoying myself hanging out to your good vibe.

  • they send around the world or US only?

  • Why were there triangles in the grinder?

  • Absolutely my favorite youtuber! Is there any advice you could give on someone who is about to start dabbing?

  • Oh so this is how you got that g pen. Dope.

  • and todaaaay XD
    love it lol

  • Loving the vids bro not much of a stoner myself but still good to know news ways and actually doing it I would love if you could double upload but I understand if you can't

  • +straincentral smu! man

  • That grinder looks like junk, space case rip off, very cool vid tho love these unboxings.

  • Does anyone else make it a point to light up right as he does?

  • i do love your openings to your vids. you are way better than jolie. your channel is actually useful

  • My friend bought that vaporizer he had the same problem with the top and it's like 60$

  • Any stoner fallout fans waiting for fallout 4