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“Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough” – (Strain Review)


Strawberry Cough is a cross between (Haze x Strawberry Field’s) that will provide you with a very heady and racy high paired with a subtle body high. It’s great for locking into tasks and would be perfect for working out or outdoor activities! This would be a great strain for Stress, Depression, Headaches, and subtle muscle pains.

I give this a solid [6.2/7]

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  • strawberry cough is actually recommended for anxiety

  • come to Colorado bro. we have some super super super dank buds right now

  • Really good video bro! I really like the info you research and get for every strain! Means you really work on your craft! Keep it up!

    PS no disrespect but I gotta confess I always skip your intros, I very much dislike (HATE) the…… AND TADAAAAYYY! Lol stay high bro

  • I would like to send you some of my home grown from upstate ny. where is your mailing address? cheers

  • DENVER!!!! I'm there!!! Damn too bad I didn't see you.?

  • fuck yeah that's awesome dude!!!

  • Try to find some cataract kush for a strain review !! Super fire got some at 29%

  • I'm a Vermonter and the story is very true. ?

  • No way, I just went to the Sweet Leaf here in Portland! Very good dispensary. Smoking along on some of their Maui Wowie, and just a handful of hits has me over the moon:)

  • It would be nice if you could do GreenHouse Kalashnikova review. Just harvested 4 ladies and i would like to hear a professional´s opinion

  • your beard looks like i want to have one but it grows patchy

  • Why does weed makes you cough so much? (not YOU, but in general)

  • i use a candle every time

  • Just tried it today, delicious!!!
    Here in Vancouver It's 20 dollars an 1/8!!!!

  • Alright I'm 16 time for a gram of that birthday bud

  • bro, i was getting nervous i thought i smoked my stash. Anyway dude keep it up your videos are full of positive energy and i love getting medicated with you. BONGS OUT FOR HARAMBE

  • smokin on scooby snacks

  • Currently going at some Pineapple Haze myself so cheers!

  • Do a strain review of the best bud personally, look wise, taste wise, and high wise.

  • Vermont reppin!