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Kush Expo: Top View Jars Product Review

Gil checks out a new convenient product for dispensaries at the 2010 Kush Expo in Anaheim, Ca!


  • dont hate on someone just cuz they have anxiety,


  • Damn, that guy is creepy.

  • Anybody know where I can get one of these

  • this guy is a stoner no if ands or buts haha

  • @ebayhlf that guy is quite high

  • that guy is quite weird.

  • horrible choice for an interview. i like your channel. i hated that interview.

  • @nugporn hey thanks man, ill get high and check them out!

  • @soulleskil You should listen to some Toots & the Maytals, Barrington Levy, or Jimmy Cliff. I guarantee you'll enjoy them. They're a revelation 🙂

  • @soulleskill cool

  • Listen gil, or the team of nugporn. PLEASE bring back the nugporn droid app. I miss waking up to new strains every morning.

  • he must love his sativa's lol

  • He probably came up with this invention when he was high. lol.

  • what a fuckin' wierdo. he must keep his coke in those jars too.

  • What a salesman! lol

  • @SCBCWTB oh i only listen to bob marley no other Jamaican music, just because hes the legend and no one can write songs or sing like him, you probably think im some little bitch kid saying i like bob marley because ill look cool, tbh i could care less what u people think on youtube or the internet, but i can prove im a bob marley fan and not just talkin shit, i could name over 40 songs off the top of me head lol

  • hes blazed lol

  • that was a fucking train wreck.

  • Hes been drinking lol