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Kush EXPO: The V Syndicate Grinder Review

Gil stops by The V Syndicate booth to check out a super cool and unique new grinder! Check it out!


  • do they sell these in headshops

  • I have the chunky V. People frickin love it when I pull it out of my wallet. It truly turns heads. Its extremely useful for you stoners on the go. I can't even begin to tell you about the many times I've tried to pul my herb apart with my fingers. This thing rocks!

  • How many of y'all watched the video just because you saw the hot chick in the thumbnail

  • @chucksnizzle1 not really dumbass, im from california and i would use this thing because its faster than your fingers or scissors, and you dont have to grind up the whole bud to smoke a joint dumbass……. and there is one for bigger chunks for smoking bongloads and bowls so your a fucking hater dumbass….. dont go around assuming you know fucking everything about a product and the people who use it.

  • Who the hell are u fags leaving comments saying it cool. It gets clogged and sticky u wanna put that shit in ur wallet!… Dumb asses of course u dumb fuck Germans want this piece of shit. Who wants there bud that broken down. I'm stickin with my fingers. They do just fine. And no one is supposed to be walking around smoking joints so this product is useless unless ur a dickcheese.

  • @SCBCWTB thats what i was thinking

  • id say u look like a douch grindin up ur weed like thaat ahahah

  • hehe this is kinda cool cuz you can grind the perfect amount up without using the whole bud

  • hey Gil,
    whats the update on the drink a joint contest?

  • @jerad96 Nope 🙂 Loads more coming soon…

  • Nice thing. Gonna buy it as soon as us Germans can get a hand on it.

  • @nugporn
    Pretty sick idea. Is this the only vid your going to have covering the kush expo?

  • she's pretty cute and id but it

  • Cool I Would BuyThat .

  • kinda cool I would buy it

  • def a cool idea. but i think im gonna stick with my scissors

  • this is actually a great idea for a product.
    im gonna look for one.

  • i aggre on all accounts

  • she's gorgeous and very knowledgeable about her product. great spokesperson