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Kush EXPO: Resin Blocker

Gil hangs out with 420 Science and checks out their unique bong solvent!


  • wtf is wrong with people??? why are u drinking bong water?? and if u dont like the idea of this don't fucking use it…. duh

  • hot bongwater with a tea bag. lemon and sugar if preferred.

  • @geadowbrooksoldiers bonb water is delicious

  • @PATTERTH I never trust comments that endorse products with an exclamation mark.

  • @nugporn what the fuck !! you scabby bastard!! your not meant to drink the bong water dude its just meant to filter all the shit out

  • Well, is THC soluble in any of the "organic" ingredients?

  • I use this product, it works great!

  • Orange juice will do the same!

  • Anyone worried about health hazards click 1:28

  • @chucksnizzle1 u fucking retard he said its 100% natural. maybe if you would listen you would know. dumbass

  • ok so wait….you people will drink bong water no problem but you WONT try the product? :/

  • @nugporn i have to say that is gross… Does my bong have rabies?


  • @nugporn dude..dont even bother answering this people :/ they have no idea what theyre talking about. I bet this one is a religious fan or shit

  • @chucksnizzle1 ORGANIC, i guess you dont have ears…… im pretty sure most organic things dont give off vapors that would harm you, especially if its a mass produced product. and he said fruit and vegatable extract he said no smell or taste so maybe you should watch the whole video instead of the first 30 seconds and going off about how it might kill you when you dont even know what its made of yet………….

  • @geadowbrooksoldiers ps. regarding drinking bongwater… wow, just wow.

  • @Akida646 it does weird things with the bubbles too if you put too much in (rez block to water ratio) it sort of "foams" up instead of a nice clean bubble.

  • @chucksnizzle1 don't think there are chemicals other than salt in it, and heads up, it's not my product. i was just interviewing the inventor at his kush expo booth.

  • @geadowbrooksoldiers it has a bit of a salty taste… pulled a bit hard on a tube with too much water in it.

    i wouldn't suggest drinking it… it's green and may turn you green as well.

    supposedly it's plant materials, and i can tell you it works pretty well. when i've been places where large groups of people were smoking, ive used it recently and it helps keep the bong cleaner longer for sure. the only part that gets dirty is the bowl/downstem, but wherever water is stays nice upon rinsing.

  • Yay let's inhale chemical vapors. Eff u Gil and ur dickface twin. Ur product is hazardous to my health. Boooooooo