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Kush Expo: Gil & Tang Sesh!

Gil and Tang have a quick session on the smoking patio!


  • If that smoking area was heaven, I would go fight a bear.

  • tang pretty much made weedmaps and hes not even in the credits,

  • tang is so lit

  • I just wanna smoke my weeD!!!!

  • i was wondering why everyone was talking about marijuana in the video then i remembered i am watching a weed video lol i love wed

  • @MAIDENREVEL lolwut.. sativa = better than indica. indica = easier/shorter to grow indica = why indica is so popular = you're an idiot.

    If you call ANYBODY a sativa loving "bitch", then you've NEVER had a REAL WELL GROWN SATIVA.

  • @crynos420 Eat Shit you cock sucker! go smoke off your cock piece!

  • i love how at the start they're sober but at the end their high.

  • these fools are sell outs and are a bunch of bull shit!

    im smoking more pot than these sativa loving bitches!

  • @jointsmoka420 i sooooo wish i was but im skint till the 28th 🙁

  • why does it have to be a matter of superiority? tang started both nugporn and weedmaps. and mmj bootcamp with chubbs.

  • @pinkstrecha…..wat u mean…chubbs got HIV..word?

  • TANG doesnt have HIV like chubbs.. He is a cheating snitch that would turn his family in before himself…

  • chubbs got his name from the gay porn industry… Only reason chubbs is who he is because of TANG… Tang shitts on chubbs..

  • so baked at the end!

  • omg i fucking found tang!

  • Again, smoking is OUTDATED, a KILLER and it makes sense for Smart people to use safer methods to medicate! Smoking is for Cigs and Cigs Kill. I do enjoy it, don't tell me how to enjoy it either. Walk away!

  • @Angelann2u smoking will never be outdated, don't tell people how to enjoy the herb, just enjoy it.

  • lulz i have no friends

  • No pipes! You need to Vape, smoking is outdated and Nasty!