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Kush EXPO 2010 Sneak Peek

A little taste of WeedPorn coverage at the 2010 Kush Expo in Anaheim Convention Center by Disneyland!


  • @kyleisabeaner Haha. Someone tried convincing us it was Puffy. We didn't buy it either… lol

  • @iliketopetdolphins an ashcatcher isnt considered a perc. It catches the ash and precools the smoke before going into the bong. more filtration=better hit

  • @NeeKroVal cool story bro? when did i ever say anything about a bong with no downstem? never.

  • @TREY51169 an ashcatcher is considered a perc. a downstem goes into the water which u place ur bowl or ashcatcher on. ive never heard it called a preecooler before..

  • @iliketopetdolphins at 0:10 you can clearly see it has a downstem. what type of bong have you owned? none. thats what i thought. everyone knew you have no idea what ur talking about when you said a percolator is an ashcatcher/preecooler.

  • @TREY51169 u have to buy downstems serperatly from most ashcatchers fucking idiot. u cant just put that on a bong it needs a downstem. what type of bong have u owned? a homemade waterbottle? stfu and know what ur talking about…. even better, just dont talk

  • @iliketopetdolphins ur fuckin retarded. you dont know shit about what ur talking about. you dont even know what a percolator is. you've abviously never owned a bong. there is clearly a downstem on that so stfu faggot ass bitch and headbutt a knife. your wrong your wrong your wrong and a fucking dumbass.

  • @TREY51169 hahaha there was no downstem on the grenade/perc/ashcatcher… hahahah ur a fuckign idiot. atleast im a kid and i know more than u…… prick

  • hi

    oh btw gil u gonna go to kushcon in denver? its dec 17-19

  • hi

    OMG!!! some plz tell me where i can get that grenade ashcatcher/perc/whatever it is i want that thing so bad!

  • @xar51 aahahahaha…errr…you are sort of right. Id vote no on prop 19. I still would today! 

  • @nugporn This shit was TIGHT I hit a Crown label. Such a sick piece. Should of brought my inline…..Thank you Gil. 

  • i wanna see more videos of this expo

  • @iliketopetdolphins Kid, you obviously don't know shit about glass. A percolator is inside glass and has several trees. That was definitely a precooler/ashcatcher with a diffused downstem. Hope you had fun making yourself look like a complete dumbass…kid.

  • @TREY51169 no im right ur wrong…. ok? its perculator kid, not precooler 

  • @iliketopetdolphins wow, ur dumb. its called either a precooler or ashcatcher. I wouldn't get a precooler and perculater mixed up..

  • @TREY51169 the word is perculator.. it was an ashcatcher

  • i want that grenade precooler!!!

  • i think…i think i just saw heaven :O :O

  • badass video…babes,buds,and badass rides…keep it goin