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KUSH CARGO UNBOXING!! (September 2015)


Kush Cargo is a monthly subscription box for cannabis connoisseurs that ships a box of handy smoking accessories straight to your door! It’s full of useful goodies & ships in a non-discreet package!!

Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off at – []

☻ RAW Hydrostone – (
☻ RAW Bandana – (
☻ Element Cones – (
☻ Clipper Lighter – (
☻ Pocket Square – (
☻ Element Artesano – (
☻ Lighter Leash – (
☻ Raw Tip Book [Rawlbook] – (
☻ Dabmats – (
☻ Cookies Bags – (
☻ Dab Tool Covers – (
☻ Pencil Dabber – (

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  • Your videos make my day. 

  • So many of my friends keep their stone in their bag at all times. They don't get that their weed doesn't burn good because it's actually wet.

  • I've watched so many of your videos lately that when my uncle mentioned girl scout cookies my response was "I'd love to smoke some girl scout cookies" – he looked at me like I was crazy.

  • josh you could rock a bandana if you really wanted to wear it to be honest.

  • Matt Stafford if he was a pothead instead of a NFL QB.

  • Hey where did you get that adapter piece that lets you pull the nail to clear it? thanks! love your videos man!

  • The hydro stone is the best humidifier I've ever used!

  • Hey josh, whats the best box for glass?

  • A nice back to school package lol

  • You can hang the Raw bandana over a small lamp too.

  • Those cookies bags are def to fit a zip

  • yo be careful with that hydrostone. if you leave it in your jar it will get your entire stash moldy. i lost about an eighth to that thing. take it out after a few minutes.

  • Btw great outro.. Cheers!

  • I'll take that bandana off your hands lol nice video, cool box. unique stuff! Thumbs up and subb!! Peace

  • Anyone got tips for anxiety… I tend to get a lot of anxiety when i smoke about 2 weeks ago i smoked for my 4 time i think and it was terrible i had a full blown panic attack and overall though i was gonna die. So i was kinda scared of trying weed after that but i did about a week after that and it was pretty nice but i had a lot of anxiety before going into it. So if you guys have any tips please help!

  • I love when you cough and slap your hands on your legs.your videos are great!..cheers josh :)

  • Totally ordered a box…hope its as fat with gear as yours was!!! And yes the straincentral coupon code worked…think it was 10% off.

  • I laughed so hard at the molly and Woodstock comments lmfao.

  • Do u have to bee in certain states to order or nah??

  • is joeli from custom grow 420 dead or alive