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Kush Cargo is a monthly subscription box for cannabis connoisseurs that ships a box of handy smoking accessories straight to your door! It’s full of useful goodies & ships in a discreet package!!

Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off at – []

→ Twitter: (
→ Instagram: (
→ Twitch: (
→ Snapchat: scjosh710

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→ 420 Science: ( ) – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off all orders!
→ ThickAssGlass: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off all orders!
→ Megatoke: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off!
→ Vivant Vaporizers: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off your order!
→Tokerpack: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off!

MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • it was a gh"O"st busters reference

  • damn that blacksheep piece was the first piece i bought on my 18th bday

  • You're so funny Josh. You look better with your hair cut. and I like your tshirt.

  • Hey Josh! My name is Jr, I've been following your YouTube channel for months now. Awesome content by the way, I wanted to ask you about all the subscription boxes you unbox on your channel. I want to try one of them out but was uncertain which one to choose. If you could choose just one to subscribe to which one would you choose? I don't roll with papers so one that isn't super paper heavy would be perfect for me. Your input would be much appreciated! Thanks man! Peace!

  • I cried when he didnt get the ghostbusters joke

  • I have a black sheep rig pretty sure I overpaid for it at the local shop

  • like you need another bong josh…

  • smh dont even know the ghost busters symbol

  • The ghost is a Ghostbuster sticker…. Ik he might've been sacastic but it hurt my brain to hear it lol

  • How bout some more strain reviews, Josh????

  • lets be honest no one uses those rubber mouthpieces

  • smoke busters

  • Shaggy?

  • Wait what lol I went to hit my bong and was like wtf and realised I had the same bong😂😂

  • GhostOGbusters

  • Fuck Josh!!! That's dope still lmfao that piece was fucked cheers brutha stay motivated BruthaAnd mRs straincentral!^_^🙏🏼

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    ░_████_____██████_███_██████_____█████ ░
    ░__█████████__████_█_███_█_█████████_ ░
    ░_____█████████__█_█_█_███████████__ ░

  • cool….
    but what happen to every day content

  • hey dude never smoked week 😀 but i love your videos

  • Nice butt plug👍