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“Kryptonite” – (Strain Review)


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Kryptonite is an 85/15 Indica dominant Hybrid strain that we don’t really know the genetics of. We do know it was created at the Oaksterdam University. It’s speculated to be a cross between (Killer Queen x Mendo Purp)

This strain is great for Pain, G.I. issues (Chron’s, IBS, IBD’s), Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia!

Overall I give it a solid [6/7]

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  • just finished up a sack of this strain in new york! didnt know u had a review for it!

  • My local dispensary has had this the past month & i think ive got the same strain as you because its straight grape purple omgosh ive been loving this strain ….. Can you review Rare Darkness its one of ny new favorite indicas

  • Who was that who just came in the door?

  • The one strain Super Man can't smoke

  • bro you look like the monkey king ?

  • the original kryptonite was what was later to be known as 86' og kush aka true og

  • you rock dude great info. bout you blocking the wind it's all muscle memory.

  • Cheers to you brother. I'm hitting on that "Shirbert" strain. You should do a review on that. lemme know. Cheers!

  • i have this at my dispensary. my #1 strain. i get this all the time. ALl the time@!

  • Kryptonite  gets real frosty.   I have done a review on that yet.

  • I gotta ask dude why dont u hold the toke in? i get u need to chat n shit but dude dont waste de erb ! i tend to hold it at least 8 to 10 seconds just a thought

  • is there anyway i can download the song?

  • The name is related 5:15 to a high level of THC.

  • On all of the strain reviews that I watch, my cue for how good the weed actually is lies in how much the reviewer can continue their review without tripping over words……

    …..this weed must be vicious SC, normally you make it through the review fine, but this one had you there……note to self-must get kryptonite seeds, if at all possible!

  • SCIENCE!!!!

    the smoke got into your eye and it burnt! ouch! check it out you hotbox a room, car, closet, wherever, your eyes will water pretty heavy but it hurts the worst off the cherry!!!
    thats because the carbon molecules that make up smoke are hot straight off the ember. which is essentially why it rises so fast.

    hope this makes sense. 

  • Josh, have you been to the Bakeree in Seattle?  I drool over their pics daily on IG.  Cheers!!!

  • musky sweet? lol are you meaning lemony i taste that alot in kushes

  • Jollie sent me here. Cool channel man thats a sub from me

  • Love videos bro, grate to watch

  • ?