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Kottonmouth Kings Concert – The Grove in Anaheim You’re going to want to watch this thrown as Gil sits down with the boys from the Kottonmouth Kings right before they hit the stage of their concert at The Grove in Anaheim, CA on 05/23/2012.

Check out the official MV for their single “Hold It In” off their anticipated album Mile High which will be available on August 14th:


  • fuck the grove. was there at this concert. kick us out for smoking. hellllllo really. never go back

  • Kottonmouth Kush Kings??????

  • If it wasnt for KMK all these states wouldnt be leagalizing it even if it just recreational use that shit wouldnt be happening rite now shit i live in the 505 but sometimes people arent realiabe where i live and its to pricey i would give anything to get some from Cali

  • @herbprophet you're a jackass, you have no idea what the fuck you are even saying it's just shit spilling from your mouth. I got a chance to hang with the kings when they came through on the fight to unite tour after putting some belts on their tour bus. They all smoke weed you idiot! You're the poser!

  • somebody sounds jealous

  • for real? thats fucked.

  • they downsized the group to give loc, x and dirtball more money

  • @smokey530juggalo hey jugafag!!! Your a fuckin fagget!!!!!

  • what exactly happend with that why did he kick pak out

  • he's GILL and he looks Hiiii!! AS FUCK!!!

  • Alota bros and alota hotass brohoes

  • I used to listen to these guys when I was in high school twelve years ago. Drive thru the school parking lot blasting this shit. Awesome.

  • rip pakelika… fuck daddy x for kicking him out.

  • Haters gon' hate ….

  • the guy from twiztid sounded exactly like eminem

  • not really but good try

  • why cant they just act normal instead of all thuggish lol

  • woah really kmk are posers how you gonna say that when one of their members is apart of the normal organiztaion and they've been steady smoking for over 15 years they know what the cannabis plant can do for the econcomy as well as our humanity and they explain it in most of their songs especially they're newer tunes you ever listen to reefer madness by kmk you my friend are the poser


  • i think thats how its pronounced Muh-zar