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“Kosher Kush” – (Strain Review)


Some people will tell you this was a strain that was “blessed by a Rabbi”, that unfortunately simply isn’t true, but it definitely will leave you thinking “holy shit”.

Its a cross between a late 80’s LA strain named (“Jews gold” x Chem 91) that was created by DNA Genetics (Reserva Privada).

It will leave you with an interestingly euphoric happy high, that is sedating/couch-locking in high does. Great for insomnia, anxiety, and appetite stimulation. I give it an overall [6.3/7]

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  • what was his name?

  • what kind of vape is that bro?

  • hey josh I was wondering if you knew a good strain for stress relief like an all day relief.

  • "Female cramps".. Nice save Josh ?

  • I got this the other day at the dispensary. $20 1/8th

  • Lol Jews

  • Hi Josh! I LOVE your channel. I was wondering what the significance is behind the tattoo on your right wrist.

  • only have had the oil of this strain and love it

  • Sounds like a great strain! I will absolutely have to try some.

  • you actually know what you're talking about when you review weed

  • hey Josh I love you man, can you do a strain review on Tangerine Dream please♡♡

  • beutifull plant i felt blessed

  • I have some Kosher Jack

  • where'd u get that hemp wick?

  • Lmfao I would smoke the fuck out of Jew Gold

  • Such irony , people who live in the usa smoke good buds like "kosher kush" while we in the "holy land" smoke "Shity Kush" hmm

  • Look at your face at the first bong hit ? intstant high

  • Josh is the smart hardworking stoner that society says doesn't exist. Truly an inspiring dude

  • Smoking on Jew's Gold right now grown by the Jungle Boyz, very good indica

  • Cheers my homie. Smoking on some purple monkey balls. LIT to say the least. Stay positive homie.