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Kosher Kush – Marijuana Strain Review – 420Portal

Watch Alisha as she reviews Kosher Kush and gets Stoned. 1,2,3 Hits from the Bong and she tells you how Kosher Kush makes her feel.

Reserva Privada

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  • Unwatchable

  • I love to smoke the strain im watching the review on.. so i feel like im there reviewing it with the person . Lol

  • I love you.

  • Great personality for reviewing strains! Made me actually lol and want to go pack one after watching this. Alisha, you could totally do this for a living.

  • White girl named Alisha? Lol

    Kosher Kush ain't my thing though. 

  • Don't get too hung up on cannabis cup accolades. The best strains don't win nowaday$ if you get what I mean

  • You seem to have a really jumpy personality

  • you know it really is kosher!

  • Fucking thirsty stoners haha get a drink of water ya'll just got the pasties + ya'll don't have the fertilizer too get the Job. Done! Hahaha

  • I love this girl, she is fun, fun, fun!!!  And a damn fine strain, too.