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King Kush Strain Review & Kind Creations Product Review Gil and Tang review some DANK King Kush from Little Amsterdam in Los Angeles, CA and also testing out some heavily worked pieces from Kind Creations.


  • i feel like this belongs on mde presents world peace, or snl or some shit

  • Nug porn my ass! Don't even explain the taste. Fucking terrible review.

  • Oregon and washington has the best weed

  • always has and always will!

  • Cali Weed -

  • Love this song :)

  • bc bud son

  • man i love this strain, in philly it's known as royal kush one of my absolute favs:)

  • not entirely true

  • I love that thing that spins the bud! Thats awesome

  • got some king kush. it alright… make keef out of it and its awesome

  • I like that zob bong. what is the exact name for it?

  • Watching this makes me want to smash my iPod touch

  • does this bud have any relation to the band kottonmouth king's, I herd back in 99 2000 they had a king's blend of some kind???

  • Damn Gil & Tang Looked Very Impressed On The First Inhale.

    aka California Has The Best Weed 

  • @Imsocrusty I've been to Cali a few times, and it was nice and all, but i love the snow here :)

  • i love living in colorado :D

  • Nice video guys . I can tell im going to be a fan of what you post . Gil on my comp at least your voice has always been low volume wise. sometimes i cant hear what your saying unless i turn it up. I want to hear the words of the wise.

  • im slightly stoopid

  • where did you guys get that ZOB 32 perc from????