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Kind Creations Glass Showcase The awesome people over at Kind Creation in Fort Collins, CO let us bring our fans a virtual tour of their AMAZING glass! Check it out!


  • 0:56 that's real neat lookin

  • where could i buy a bub similar to the one at 2:20?

  • @remsat10 that may be true but when it comes to illadelph they only have glassblowers with masters degrees in blowing glass to make their bongs and products so u would be paying for quality not looks…900 is still booty tho lol

  • @nugporn Hey. I know this is an old vid. But i would like to know who made the two tubes in the very beginning of the video. The two that the grinder is in the middle of. I know its an unrelated question because the vid is showcasing kind creations. But if you can help me out that would be great! thanks in advance. PnP

  • i visit this shop about once a month 4 a new peice its definatly my favorite headshop

  • man i wouldn't give that dick pipe to your girlfriend she might use it for something else..

  • @nugporn man gil you always have the sickest pieces,look forward to more good vids p&p

  • @imJustBlazed you missed it, its an old one

  • @Merkaba4203 request heard, new tuneage coming… police and thieves in the streets… – Gil

  • @sirskunksalot i love the worked bubbs too. thanks for the comment – Gil

  • @Tboy91 thanks for the question! it's actually Lemon G-13 taffy from a friend in San Diego. it has a VERY unique smell and taste – Gil

  • @GreenMachine420420 your welcome! more to come… thanks for the comment! – Gil

  • @jerad96 official site for Kind Creations is kind-creationsDOTnet . you can give them a call and they will tell you where you can order online. (i would generally know, but i just go into the store whenever i'm in Ft Collins). thanks for the question! – Gil

  • @TheFaIIOfReach always more on the way!

  • Can you order these online?

  • is that a new slightly stoopid song? or did i just miss it?

  • Awesome…5***…at least! LOL

  • @789twolf I think so cause bongs or "water-pipes" are even for smoking tobacco lol, so I would think 18 to buy any of those beautiful works of art.

  • @nugporn At 2:19 is that some weed topped with some butane honey oil? Only thing I can think it is lol, almost looks like a brown pill lol.

  • I've got the same ZoNg! Great choice