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“Kimbo Kush” – (Concentrate Review)


Kimbo Kush is a cross between (Blackberry Kush x Starfighter) that smells like a musky berries & provides you with a very calming, euphoric, and mostly clear headed high.

Great strain for those suffering from depression, stress, and nausea.

I forgot to rate the strain on camera (that’s how you know it’s some good oil) so i’ll just say, it gets a solid pass! 😛

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  • I love you too man! Thank you so much for your inspiration and your amazing spirit i love your content man, it has changed my life. Keep it up I would love to see more!

  • So Josh. I'm a frequent flyer, and by that I mean I check your channel for new uploads 2-4 times a day, I love yo shit. But Ido have to say as someone who is treating depression and mental illness with cannabis, it's really frustrating when you say just about every strain is good to treat depression. I haven't seen all your strain reviews yet but in every one I have seen you do say that. Maybe I just need to get a hold of these strains but it's also something I thought maybe you didn't notice.

  • I have a condition called Kushothyleoma. I need to smoke it or vape it every 2 hour.

  • since when was weed porn a thing?

  • you ever think about doing like a taste test video where you're blindfolded taking dabs trying to tell the strain based on taste

  • I think thats the first time ive heard you curse m8

  • Josh, sound proof that room!

  • if it's stanky it's good

  • love the vids dogg keep it up ?

  • You should lift your arm and cough into your bicep. I wouldn't wanna shake your hand or touch anything after I see you cough into your hand. I work in a hospital.

  • "I was trying to like puddle squad that one but hmm" xD lmao. So if you like musky body odorous men on your tongue, give Kimbo a try!

  • Man that shit looks good man… Sweet…

  • Love ur videos keep it up bro

  • Hey guys, I need Help. I used to smoke cannabis in order to cure pain from my stomach and in my legs. Also, i use cannabis in a recreative way, but since few weeks, when i smoke (or after my smoke sess) my heart beats faster n i dont know why. Indeed my mother got heart problem, but i used to smoke a lot since october but it just since a few weeks that my heart has this problem. I have noticed that it appeared since i started to put polen in my joint, but i tryed to smoke without it n it didnt fix the problem. Should I stop smoking ? (sry if my grammar is wrong)
    Stay blessed..

  • How about that: Fan Mail at this location. and smoking at the dab bar

  • Love you and your vids mate❤️

  • Yo with your new lights it shows a lot of the smoke lol. Not a big deal but you might want to try to blow it away so its not all in front of the camera haha

  • How much would all that concentrate be on the small piece of paper… It's hardly any so how much would that be

  • whoa! is that a tie fighter pendant?

  • Josh is such a happy guy lol