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“Khalifa Kush” – (Strain Review)


Khalifa Kush is a strain made for rapper Wiz Khalifa that has unknown genetics and is not available easily to the public. It will provide you with a very enjoyable cerebral euphoric high as well as as subtle body stone that will lock you into the couch in large doses.

Great for Depression, Anxiety, Muscle Spasms, Pain, and Appetite Stimulation. Overall I give this strain a [6.1/7]

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  • it taste like candy diesel its very skunky to me i loved it but that ear wax is on that snail shit it will have you movin like an iceberg

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  • U never mentioned if it's a sativa or indica…. Wtf

  • Berner is the grower I believe

  • Review Dizzy OG? Please

  • it looks so pretty.