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“Key Lime Pie” – (Strain Review)


Key Lime Pie is a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype from Burning Bush Nurseries that will provide you with a earthy, slightly sweet taste that will calm your body & muscles, but keep your mind uplifted & mood-boosted.

Great for Depression, Stress, and minor pain relief. Overall I give this strain a solid [5.8/7]

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  • I bet it tastes like one of those two sided white and green line mints. I freaking love those when I find them at restaurants! ?✌?️

  • dude, what strain gave you the lazy eye? i wanna get some of that

  • is Key Lime Pie pewdiepies strain?

  • watching this at 4:20.. am

  • Can you start doing more bong reviews? That one you used in the video looks sick

  • Do you guys in America class this as high grade ?

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  • yoooooo cool necklace! where'd ya get it?

  • please make a review video on black widow :)

  • Hmmmmmmm earthhhhh I bet that's nice

  • josh please do a review on og kush please

  • Your voice when you said hashy XD keep up the good work man!

  • do you have to be 21 or still 18 to get a cannabis card in cali?

  • you should listen to piebald King of the Road

  • "maps" is my new favorite song

  • Do Jesus OG it's sooo damn underrated it's my favorite strain

  • hey Josh, I was wondering if you've ever done a review on any of the Willie Nelson brand products? I come from in a illegal state , and am planning a trip to Colorado and it seems to be widely available (both in CO & WA)… just curious of where I can put those on your scale of 1 to 7. mostly just trying to get a Baseline to what I can expect out of my upcoming trip. even if you've never did a video any insight would be helpful.. also i'm a new subscriber really appreciate all the positive vibes and the recommendation to check out "front bottom" (300,000 q&a)??

  • Josh, you should review some Neptune Og. that's what I'm smoking on. great indica bud.