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“Kandypens Gravity” – (Product Review)


The Kandypens “Gravity” is a variable voltage wax pen that uses both ceramic plated & dual quartz coiled atomizers. This is basically a mix between both of their other pens, the “Galaxy” and the “Donuts”.

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  • please tell me which is the best pen to get!

  • Great review, finally got around to using my gravity pen yesterday and I completely agree with your review buddy. ??

  • love the kandy pens although i have never tried the puffco!! have you reviewed the puffco?!?

  • I ordered a galaxy pen and it works great. I will not be ordering from you again unless you take paypal. You guys were the ONLY purchase I made on my credit card that was not with my usual secure methods of paypal or amazon. My credit card has fraud purchases on them and guess where, you got it , in your area. It is a long and horrible job to have to change all my online and bills over to another credit card. It is not if it was you, there is no one else on my credit but you that it could have come from and of course the stores that it was used at is in your area. I plan on letting the public know of my experience through every media I can.

  • lower ur temp for flavor and kandypen claimz u can load a .5 wax glob, vape it and it wont clog… die slowly

  • Buyers beware. All these youtuber reviews get a commission if you from the link they provide. This is essentially a ad for Kandy pens.

  • theres also a carb on the pen. its on the mouthpeice section right above the atomizer

  • Great review! what is your your ciurrent fave pen? is dual quaertz still the best type of coil to use?

  • i have the galaxy by kandy pens and it does me good. kandy pens is a great company. ive had a lot of interaction with their customer service and they have always took care of me

  • hey Josh! What's you're favorite wax pen? I'm looking to buy one and I need some insight from someone with experience :D

  • VN kids

  • Dude, you do this GREAT! I just watched three of your videos. I would love to have your job!

  • Hey josh, would be really sick if you had ever tried the OG four 2.0 to make a review about it, thanks and cheers!

  • So apparently the CEO of this company is a well known scam-artist who was at the center of an FTC backed lawsuit. Representatives of this company have even gone as far as to threaten people who write poor reviews about their product or customer service

  • I try so hard not to be a dick but who the fuck cares about vape pens


  • YAY another pen review…

  • Any body know any good wax and herb vaporizer for 80$ and under

  • That shirt is ??