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“Kandypens GALAXY” – (Product Review)


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Today, i’m doing a review on the Kandypens “GALAXY” dual quartz coiled, quartz atomizer wax pen! This is a great all around pen that can be catered to both those who like large clouds & also those who like flavor.

Overall I give this a solid [6/7]

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  • Wrong! My battery went out in 6 hours after being charged while using it on high voltage. Piece of crap man!

  • in your opinion what's the best pen in the market?

  • Your name IS JOSH*

  • Kandypens did 'kick one down to me,' also from "Crop Kings Seeds" (a 'gift', they do that, really) but it won't burn my iso-hash no more and I just get red flashing 'K' no blue, green, 5 count, 3 count, nada.

  • can you attach one of those fill yourself rubber plug co2 cartridges on that like the o.pen ones????????

  • Ordering mine tomorrow, super stoked!

  • That was a great review with all the infos ! Thanks

  • Best wax pen on the market

  • wouldn't an RDA on a mod work for vaporizing oil?

  • I want

  • a really good one is the micro g

  • Try THC E liquid

  • Hey Josh, I'm wondering if you prefer this pen or the Gigawax G420C?

  • I really want one of these! So impressive.

  • you need to do A REVIEW ON THAT FLAVRX,,,

  • You can use ISO to clean any coils. Not just quartz.

  • Hey Josh, I've been watching your video for a while. In all honesty, if you had to choose between gigawax and this Kandypens, what would it be?
    I heard from waxpen reddit and forums that those pens are just a rebrand of technology that was already invented and that it's not completely "safe", and the quality is also terrible. I am not sure if it's true, so I was wondering if you could, please do a review of the new omicron v4? Apparently it's "original" and it's safe and it's the best out there along with hercules according to waxpen reddit and different forums. You can get them in puffitup. Anyways, cheers Josh! It was nice watching ya again :)

  • Josh! Please review the v2 pro series 3. It can vape weed wax and e juice and I want to know if it is honestly good

  • if you're gonna go more reviews on vape pens do one with launch box

  • what is that on his wrist?