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18+older! To me this product has a surprisingly smooth taste with a clean high. Very easy to use and portable. For someone who can’t take the intensity of dabbing, I would recommend JUJU JOINTS! SHARE


  • review shattertanks thats a really good vape cartridge in my opinion its the best

  • Mario after 20 years

  • love it man

  • that shit is tight

  • Cool

  • can u send some of those to willard ohio

  • tangie and white fire og dabs for me.

  • Finger nails, sminger nails, I can't get over the Premium Crackers. They look delicious…. God bless Nabisco

  • Dang, I took a lighter to mine before I watched this video – still works….

  • just got a JuJu charged with Querkle in Vancouver Wa. for $60

  • but cool vid

  • mine was 100$ thats gay

  • I wish you smoked it before you started making this video. I had to turn down my speakers.

  • as if you didnt hit both at once :(

  • i bought one and was lied to. they said shit was so expensive because of the amount of oil. PFFT

  • wow 70.00 here in Vegas only legal concentrates available right now. Price is ridiculous but might try one. Works out to 280.00 a gram though it's only a 1/4 gram pen. 84 % THC I think means 16% glycol. Grear review.

  • I thought they only had nicotine ones were have i been

  • Lasted me around two days but was steady smoking both days…. Awesome flavor zero smell awesome

  • Alternative MMD, Awesome Medical Shop in Spokane Valley sells these for 30.

  • 2:09 hahaha "fuck the sun!"